Residential & Building Surveys


Building Surveys (Structural Surveys)

Building Surveys can be carried out on both new and second hand properties. A Building Survey takes the form of a comprehensive report following a thorough inspection of the property. A Building Survey is often regarded as a property “Health Check” which examines all accessible parts of the property. A Building Survey can be reported in a style to suit your specific requirements. It examines all accessible parts of the property – however you can ask to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you have about the property.

Snag Lists

Snagging is carried out on newly built properties. We will inspect the property and compile a snag list report. This report outlines a list of unfinished work, shortcomings and defects within the property. The purchaser presents the developer with this list of snagging items, which should be completed before contracts are finalized. If required, we can re-inspect the property to ensure that all shortcomings and unfinished items are completed.

Defect Analysis

A Defect Analysis is the investigation of a specific defect or problem within a property. Defect reports will identify the nature and extent of particular problems, will establish the cause and recommend an appropriate course of remedial actions to eliminate a re-occurrence of the problem. Typical Defects include damp penetration, condensation problems, structural movement and poor workmanship. This investigation and analysis will be undertaken by an experienced engineer who has been specifically trained in the principles and processes of construction and in the capabilities and compatibility of materials. If required, we can also act as an Expert Witness for the Courts.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes may occur if adjoining property owners cannot locate the true position of a boundary or where rights of ways have been obstructed or in the case if boundaries are damaged. The key to resolving a dispute speedily and successfully is to employ an expert as soon as possible.We can assist property owners in the identification of boundary lines and can offer advice on how best to proceed. If required, we also act as Expert Witness for the Courts.

Planning Searches

The purpose of the Planning Search is to provide a full planning history of the property. We recommend planning searches when purchasing a property. Planning Searches involve a detailed examination of all previous planning applications to ensure that there are no unauthorized developments. It also involves the inspection of relevant and current planning applications in the immediate surrounding area and advises on any proposed applications, which may have an adverse effect on the property. Confirmation from Building Control is also sought to ensure that there are no Enforcement Notices or Purchase Orders served on the property. If required we can also carry out an inspection in the relevant Local Authority roads department and advise on any future road widening proposals, which may affect the site.


We undertake mapping suitable for PRAI Land Registry purposes for one-off sites and for larger plots of lands (farms and commercial sites) to facilitate property transfers. We also prepare Declarations of Identity and Multi-Storey scheme maps.

Bank/Mortgage Costing Reports

This is an inspection of a property required by the lending institution to ensure that the property completion is costed to enable clients to gain approval for adequate mortgage to fund the development. We will also indicate the cost of reinstatement for fire insurance purposes in accordance with the current Society of Chartered Surveyor guidelines.

Certificate of Compliance

We provide a wide range of Certificates of Compliance. These Certificates are presented in a format recommended by the Law Society Guidelines and include:

  1. Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission
  2. Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations
  3. Certificate of Exemption from Planning and Building regulations.